Thursday, August 26, 2010

Picks of the Week

Once upon a time there was an old woman who despised doing chores. But then one day some fairies show up and they are amazing! They clean the dishes - clankety clankety clankety. They sweep the house, make the bed, and they even help her with her knitting. But once everything is clean and done, the fairies don't know what to they destroy everything and start again! This very quickly drives the old woman crazy and she is determined to get rid of the fairies. But how?
What if a boy found a beach ball and kicked it into the ocean? What if two seals found it and began to play? What if a third seal appeared on the beach looking for a friend? Enjoy this visit to the beach and the chance to guess what happens when different choices are made. (Summary courtesy of Syndetics) Another beautiful offering by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (First the Egg, One Boy, and the Dog and Bear series).
Julie Paschkis' bright, attractive folk-art style illustrations depict Catkin, who "jumps off Amy's lap and climbs over the wall." Catkin goes on the prowl after a variety of creatures. Each new page invites listeners and viewers to pour over the illustration to find what Catkin is chasing. When Catkin's chase ends up, up, up in the highest branches of a tree, how will he get down?

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