Sunday, January 31, 2010

Library Rearrangement Project Update

If you've been to the Corvallis Public Library lately, you've probably noticed we're making some changes.

For the next two weeks, beginning Monday, February 1, visitors to the Corvallis Public Library will notice a lot of activity on the main floor of the building as staff completes the last phase in a multi-year project to improve use of building space. The building will not be closed during this work. However, particular areas may be closed temporarily for safety reasons as shelving and materials are moved to new locations. Originally the Library was going to be closed Feb 21-26 for this project but so much work has already been accomplished, thanks to the efforts of Library and Public Works staff, that closing isn’t necessary.

Several areas of the Library will see the most change. Children’s Easy Books will be moved back to their original location near the Youth Activity Room and the family restrooms. Another major change in the Youth area is the relocation of the TeenScape area to the rear of the building and the addition of more teen computers. Holds to be picked up will move out of the lobby to the arcade wall in the northwest part of the building making it easier to find a hold. Audio books, music CDs, DVDs, and the self check dispensing machines will also be moved to this area. The adult and children’s Spanish language materials will be located closer to the lobby. New books will be on the east stairway wall for quick access to this popular collection. The lobby will become more open and welcoming with comfortable seating, book displays and an information center. The rooms off the Belluschi Wing will also see some changes to make them more accessible and to improve the entrance to that historic section of the building.

Please excuse this temporary disruption to Library services. Our goals are to make the best use of our space, prepare for growth in collections and technology, make the Library convenient for all, and provide a welcoming environment. Once this phase is complete, we do not have any more major changes planned. For a complete list of all planned changes, visit the Library Rearrangement FAQ on the library's website.For more information contact Library Director Carolyn Rawles-Heiser at 541-766-6928 or

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Gustafer Yellowgold Show this Tuesday Feb. 2

The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library proudly presents the 
Gustafer Yellowgold Show 
on Tuesday, February 2nd, at 10:00 a.m. This children's concert is free and everyone is welcome! For more information, see the event flyer or call 541-766-6794. To learn more about Gustafer Yellowgold - visit you there!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pick of the Week: It's a Secret

Every night Marie-Elaine's cat, Malcolm, goes out, and every morning he comes back in and sleeps. "Where do cats go at night?" the girl wonders. So when she sees him at his cat door dressed to the nines, she begs to come along. And amazingly, Malcolm agrees, as long as she puts on her fancy clothes, gets small, and keeps it all a secret. With a whimsical story and breathtaking artwork, the acclaimed John Burningham takes us on an exciting night's journey, braving hoodlum dogs and precarious climbs for a rooftop party that is cause for celebration indeed. (summary courtesy of Syndetics)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pick of the Week: My People

"Who are 'my people'?" and how do you translate beautiful words into beautiful images? photographer Charles R. Smith Jr. asks in his afterword of Langston Hughes' My People. Smith notes that Hughes' poem is simple, but so eloquent. Langston Hughes compares the beauty of the night to the beauty of his people. In creating this book, photographer Smith captures the celebration of black people of differing age, shades, and sizes. It is a gorgeous book - and this year's winner of the Coretta Scott King (Illustrator) Award, which recognizes an African-American illustrator of outstanding books for children and young adults.

2010 Youth Award Winners Announced

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association, announced its 2010 Youth Awards on Monday. For a full list of award winners, including those receiving honorable mention, head to the ALSC site here. Congratulations to all of the authors, illustrators, and publishers receiving awards this year!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Picture Books to Check Out

It's easy to count three of something--just add them up. But how do you count zero, a number that is best defined by what it's not?

Presents a linked collection of ten short stories in rhyme featuring frogs, toads, and polliwogs.

Shows the many different ways a princess can be an incredible girl.
With a sparkly cover and large brightly colored pages illustrating the variety of ways a princess can be, what's not to like?

When Archie the monkey finds himself on a strange island, he makes a multitude of new friends who help him defend their home from intruding pirates.

Felix does not like his new baby sister and thinks his parents should take her back, until a trip to the zoo makes him realize that she might not be as bad as he thought.

As his affectionate parents nourish and protect him, a plucky young puffin impatiently waits--but not without some reservations--for the day when he is "strong enough and tall enough and brave enough" to leave his nest on the rocky cliff-face and waddle off to the sea.

Shoba and her pet monkey, Fuzzy Patel, set out overnight by flying bed to attend Fuzzy's cousin's wonderful wedding in Mumbai, India.

Although he is shorter than most of his classmates and everyone discourages him from trying out for the basketball team, eight-year-old Chris Paul, future NBA All-Star, just works harder than everyone else so his size will not matter.

Snack is a very happy puppy when Mrs. Portly adopts him but when persnickety Mr. Portly returns from a fishing trip, he banishes Snack to a doghouse until their mutual love of art, and a thief, bring them together.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Practical Ideas for Feeding Kids Well Event

It's time for another Growing Families Together event!

"Practical Ideas for Feeding Kids Well" - January 23, 2010

This month OSU Extension Faculty will share easy and inexpensive meal and snack ideas that can help families eat healthy and well. It's a new year - the time of year people are inspired to eat better! What does it mean to "eat better"? Can you really feed your family a healthier diet if they are "picky" eaters? Can you provide healthier food for your family without raising your food bill? Learn tips for shopping that can cut food costs and recipes for quick and easy preparation of snacks and meals. Come and taste the samples and take home the recipes provided. Resources for more ideas will also be available.

Corvallis Public Library - January 23rd Workshop
11 – 12 pm, Resource booths 12 – 1 pm.

Call 541-766-6794 for more info.

Albany Public Library - January 23rd Workshop
2 - 3 pm, Resource booths 3 - 4 pm.

Call 541-917-7591 for more info.

Free child care available at both locations.

Growing Families Together is a series of quarterly mini-workshops for parents sponsored by LBCC's Parenting Education Dept, Corvallis-Benton Co. Library, Albany Public Library, Albany Parks & Rec, Corvallis Parks & Rec, Samaritan Health and OSU Extension.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Treasure Bath

The Treasure Bath by Dan Andreasen (Henry Holt and Company, 2009)
This is a treat for young imaginations! Have you ever wondered what's happening underneath the bath bubbles at bath time? Maybe not, but the little boy in this wordless picture book by Dan Andreasen is about to find out! After helping his mother bake a chocolate cake, it's time to clean up in a bubble bath and let the adventures begin. Share this one at bedtime or right before bath time to spark imaginations and elicit some giggles! Dan Andreasen is the author/illustrator of numerous children's books including Arthur's Pretending Day, The Baker's Dozen, and Pilot Pups.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pizza & Literacy

Many families have a regular pizza night. Why not extend the family time fun and create a play "pizza restaurant" with literacy-enriched activities?

Start by sharing a pizza-themed book! Two of my favorite are:

While a young girl waits for the delivery of a hot pizza, she provides the appropriate animal sounds for a variety of pretend animal pizza deliverers.

When Pete feels miserable because rain makes it impossible to play ball outdoors, his father finds a fun indoor game to play with his son.

Children want to do what they see grownups doing. During dramatic play experiences, children act out what they've seen the grownups in their lives doing. Just gather up a few literacy and play props around the house and you can create a pizza restaurant with your child. They'll get to play a role as chef or server as they prepare a pretend pizza meal for you, their guest. Many grownup routines are so full of literacy activities, but we rarely stop to think about this fact. As a guest at a restaurant, you might read the daily specials on a chalkboard and browse the menu at your table. When a server takes your order and writes it down on his order pad, that's modeling literacy skills. When the chef reads the order and refers to the recipe, she is using literacy skills as well. Cooking involves both reading and math skills.

For "pizza restaurant" play, you could use toy or "play" food, or create pizzas with craft supplies. Supplies you could use include:
  • a play cash register or a small box to use for collecting "money"
  • play money - create your own or use the money from a board game
  • small pizza boxes, if you have them
  • apron
  • bowls, pizza pans, play food, cups
  • construction paper for creating craft pizzas
  • yarn for the "cheese", different colored construction paper cut into a variety of shapes for the "toppings", glitter for sprinkling with "basil" or "red pepper flakes"...
  • pencils, crayons, markers, glue
  • paper to create a menu and for taking an order. You can purchase order pads and receipt books at an office supply store for an added "real" touch.
  • telephone to "call in the order"
  • table and tablecloth
  • chalkboard and chalk to write out the daily specials

Looking to move beyond pretend play? Children are so eager to help and do grownup activities, that they're likely to want to join you in the kitchen as you prepare the real pizza meal. Depending on your children's individual ages, you can give them jobs of varying responsibility helping you cook. Whether it is helping you sprinkle the cheese, spread the sauce, kneed the pizza dough, measure and pour ingredients, or read the recipe with you, there is plenty for them to help with. Delicious fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pick of the Week: How to Get Married, by me, the bride

Did you ever think to get your wedding advice from a very young self-proclaimed "expert"? In this cute, funny story, an all-knowing little girl explains to us how to get married. Her advice includes everything from how to choose your partner to advice about your dress to how to get the party going at the reception!