Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick of the Week: The Inside Tree

The Inside Tree by Linda Smith, illustrated by David Parkins (HarperCollins, 2010)

Mr. Potter lives alone in a small house - just the right size for him and his teapot. His small yard is just the right size for his dog and a terrific tree. It's a perfect, cozy arrangement that Mr. Potter enjoys. But the one night, Mr. Potter decides to bring the dog inside the house. Then he decides to bring the tree inside as well...and that begins a series of events with all kinds of funny and undesirable results. The tree begins to grow bigger and bigger, so Mr. Potter cuts a hole in his ceiling to accommodate it. All is well until it starts to rain outside and the house floods - floating Mr. Potter and his cozy chair right out the door and into the yard. So, Mr. Potter brings his chair and his teapot into the barn and creates a new cozy space - "just like old times." A few weeks later, Mr. Potter looks outside his barn window and sees a lonely cow. When he considers bringing the cow inside, his dog gives him a quick nip from behind and Mr. Potter sighs, "Perhaps it was not such a good idea after all." This is an amusing tale about a naive but goodhearted man that will be a joy to read aloud.

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