Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soccer-Themed Books for the World Cup

Although Froggy is very excited when his Dream Team plays for the city soccer championship, he makes a mistake on the field that almost costs the team the game.

Big Kicks by Bob Kolar
 Kids of all sizes and soccer abilities are sure to get a kick out of this droll, vibrantly illustrated story about a lovable (but clumsy) bear and his endearing (but unlucky) soccer team.
The Wild Rabbits want to win the Big Bad Badger Soccer Challenge Game.
Plant-eating dinosaurs face meat-eating dinosaurs in a soccer match.
Although Tomasito's spina bifida keeps him in a wheelchair, where he often feels as confined as his flightless and featherless pet bird, he discovers that he can feel free when he is on the soccer field.
Morgan Brownbear has trouble playing soccer until his coach, Mr. Monkey, finds the perfect position for him.
All over the world, children in places as different as Germany, Kenya, Japan, Australia, and India are practicing and playing soccer, all dreaming of winning the World Cup. 

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