Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Father's Day Picks

In anticipation of Father's Day later this month, I wanted to share a few new titles about daddies and grandpas that just might bring a smile to the face of a father near you!
I Call My Grandpa Papa by Ashley Wolff (Tricycle Press, 2009)

Students respond, in rhyming text, to their teacher's question about what each calls his or her grandfather, offering examples of things they like to do together. Includes a list of "grandfather names from around the world." 

A girl goes fishing with her papa and watches intently, learning all of the special ways he fishes. The little girl finds that she has her own special way of doing things as well. Each way is different, but each way is special. And spending time together makes it a wonderful day!

This book describes, in rhyming text and soft colored-pencil illustrations, the many different ways that fathers and sons spend time together. Different and diverse father and son pairs are represented throughout the book. There is a great montage at the end depicting all of the fathers and sons doing all the things the boys will do with their children when they grow up.

"Daddies can be...funny and loveable and really, really silly. Oh, Daddy!"
A young hippopotamus shows his father the right way to do things, such as getting dressed, watering the flowers, and especially giving big hugs. Bob Shea's illustrations are adorable. By the way, if you're a Bob Shea fan (you might also recognize him from his books New Socks and Dinosaur vs. Bedtime and his new one, Race You to Bed!), you should definitely check out his YouTube channel:

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