Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pick of the Week: Milo Armadillo

All little Tallulah wants for her birthday is a pink fluffy rabbit. All of her friends have one and so she must have one too! You'd think it would be easy to find one...but her parents look everywhere and still come up empty-handed. So Grandma knits her pink fluffy...well, armadillo! When Tallulah receives her gift she is less than pleased. This little armadillo is pretty amazing, but will Tallulah come to see that? Or will Milo Armadillo give up trying to please Tallulah and leave? This is a sweet picture book about giving new friends a chance and learning that sometimes what we never knew we wanted is just what we end up needing and loving.

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Playing by the book said...

Oh yes, we loved this one - and there's a knitting pattern available so you can make your very own armadillo!