Monday, May 3, 2010

Parenting Book Pick: Raising Happiness by Christine Carter

Tired of always feeling overwhelmed and guilty after reading parenting advice books? Here's a new book by Christine Carter (author of the Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids Blog from the Greater Good Science Center) that focuses on raising happiness. Ask a handful of parents about what they wish for their children and raising a happy child is likely to be near or at the top of the list. Christine Carter's book brings science research and practical parenting (she's a mom of two girls) together in this book.
The table of contents: The art and science of raising happy kids -- Step 1, Put on your own oxygen mask first -- Step 2, Build a village -- Step 3, Expect effort and enjoyment, not perfection -- Step 4, Choose gratitude, forgiveness, and optimism -- Step 5, Raise their emotional intelligence -- Step 6, Form happiness habits -- Step 7, Teach self-discipline -- Step 8, Enjoy the present moment -- Step 9, Rig their environment for happiness -- Step 10, Eat dinner together.

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