Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Book Series for Toddlers

Meet Tilly and Friends - a new picture book series by Polly Dunbar (author/illustrator of Penguin, Down the Back of the Chair, and Dog Blue). Tilly and her friends all live in a yellow house. Tilly is an adorable little girl with a toddler friend named Hector - a very cute pig. These picture books are full of sweet, whimsical illustrations and sing-song text sure to please toddlers (Rooty-toot-toot! and Whump! Bump! Whoops!). In the first book of the series, Hello Tilly, Tilly and her friends have fun playing in their yellow house - making music, dancing, enjoying a "feast", and reading stories. In Happy Hector, all of the other animals want to play with Tilly. This leaves Hector a bit unhappy until he realizes there's a way he can have fun even if he doesn't have Tilly all to himself. Additional Tilly and Friends titles coming soon: Pretty Pru, Where's Tumpty? Doodle Bites and Good Night, Tiptoe.

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