Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blankets & Snugglies

With a new season approaching and the weather growing colder (today at least!), my mind is turning toward cozy fall days and one of the favorite objects of childhood - the blanket. Many children have a blanket they are attached to (or "snuggly," or "lovey" or a different beloved object of affection). In honor of blankets, the security they can give children, and the often difficult transition of parting with this object of affection, here are a few  favorite blanket-inspired stories:

Flora, a little rabbit, does not want to sleep without her missing blanket, so her family helps her look for it.

Kiki the monkey has many daring adventures with her polka-dot "blankie," but when it sails away without her and lands above a sleeping crocodile, she may not be brave enough to come to the rescue.

Ducky wants to play laundry day and wash Lambkin's blanket. But an unexpected event occurs when the blanket is washed.

Owen's parents try to get him to give up his favorite blanket before he starts school, but when their efforts fail, they come up with a solution that makes everyone happy. (A Caldecott Medal Honor Book)

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