Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Life-Size Zoo Book for Animal Lovers

For animal lovers and children who adore non-fiction books, this new book from Teruyuki Komiya will certainly find some adoring young fans! Check out Life-Size Zoo: from tiny rodents to gigantic elephants, an actual-size animal encyclopedia by Teruyuki Komiya (Japanese edition) and adapted into the English language by Kristin Earhart (Seven Footer Kids, c2009).

Have you ever wondered how big a giraffe's head really is when held up close to yours? How about a tiger's pink tongue? Did you know that zebras have long hairs under their eyes? Fold out pages reveal the actual size of parts of different zoo animals. This is ideal for group-sharing and the photographs are stunning. You'll find this book in our Juvenile Oversize Non-Fiction collection: J OVERSIZE 590 KOMIYA.

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