Thursday, June 11, 2009

a grand adventure for a little mouse

Pip in the Grand Hotel by Johannes Hucke, illustrated by Daniel Müller (NorthSouth, 2009, first published in Switzderland as Mäusejagd in Schlosshotel)

Translated into English, this new book from Swiss author Johannes Hucke is a delightful, exhuberant tale of a lively mouse chase. When Mary brings her new pet to show to her friends, the little mouse, Pip, is off and running into the Grand Hotel. The children chase after Pip, into the hotel, and on through the main lobby, hotel kitchen, food pantry, food elevator, royal suite, long hallway, up to the hotel attic... It is there they meet the cat and hopefully not the end of Pip! This is a fun book to share with children that love to pour over the drawings in books. Fans of look-and-find books like Where's Waldo?, I Spy, and Adèle and Simon will enjoy the adventure of Pip in the Grand Hotel.

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