Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pick of the Week: A Carousel Tale

A Carousel Tale by Elisa Kleven (Tricycle Press, 2009)

This is the third book by Elisa Kleven about Ernst, a blue crocodile, and his big brother Sol. In this imaginative tale, Ernst loves the carousel in the park. He especially loves the honey-colored dog on the carousel. When the carousel keeper covers up the ride for the winter, Ernst is saddened. On his walk home he finds the tale from the honey-colored wooden carousel animal. Luckily for Ernst, the carousel keeper gives Ernst the gift and responsibility of taking care of the tale until springtime when the carousel reopens. During winter, Ernst decides the honey-colored dog's tale is lonely and transforms it with a colorful paint job. But will he be in trouble once spring comes and he must return it to the carousel keeper?

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