Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pick of the Week: No Babysitters Allowed!

No Babysitters Allowed by Amber Stewart, with illustrations by Laura Rankin (Bloomsbury/MacMillan, 2008)

When it comes to things like bugs, Bandaids, and going down the slide at the park, Hopscotch is a very brave bunny. But when his parents go out for the evening and leave him in the care of the babysitter, Mrs. Honeybunch, Hopscotch is not feeling so brave after all. In fact, he is so worried that he develops a tummy ache. After his parents reluctantly leave, Hopscotch builds a fort under a table where "no babysitters [are] allowed!" But kind Mrs. Honeybunch knows just what to do to turn the evening around and Hopscotch learns that he can be brave (and have fun!) while his parents are out. In fact, he might just look forward to the next time Mrs. Honeybunch comes over! This is a good one to share with children who are still uneasy about having a babysitter.

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