Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All About Babies!

The wonderful thing about working with babies is that everything is new and wonderful to them. They are little scientists - making new discoveries everyday, trying new things, experimenting, and learning is joyful! Stop by Infant Storytime at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library on a Wednesday morning and you'll see a great, diverse group of babies all gathered with their caregivers and discovering language, songs, books and each other! It's so much fun, especially when we come to the part of our program where we're up and moving around the room with the little ones. Each baby has a chance to see and "meet" another little one. The delight in their eyes is evident when they've made that connection, as if to say, "Hey! You're a baby like me, too!"

Parents of babies also quickly find that many times their child's favorite first book is a board book full of baby faces, like those found in Margaret Miller's Baby Faces board book series. The board book shown here is by David Salariya and is aptly titled All About Me! A Baby's Guide to Babies (Random House, 2008). You can find this selection, as well as Margaret Miller's board books in the library's board book collection.

For more information, see this resource on simple ways you can help boost your baby's brain development through love and play from Oregon's Child: Everyone's Business.

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