Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pick of the Week: Senses on the Farm

Senses on the Farm by Shelley Rotner (Millbrook Press, 2009)

Third in a series of books about our senses by Shelley Rotner (see also Senses at the Seashore and Senses in the City), Senses on the Farm uses photography to depict a sensorial trip to a farm for children. Throughout the book, Rotner invites children to "See the fall pumpkins growing on their vines. Touch a horse's bristly coat. Taste a hand-picked strawberry..." These books are great for realistic images, exploring the five senses, and expanding your child's vocabulary. This is a great book to use in circle time, a farm-themed storytime or before a visit to a farm.

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Peik-Kuan said...

As a parent of a child who needs predictability to feel secure about anything, I often read a book or talk about a new experience ahead of time, if at all possible. This book can help "preview" what a child may see or sense at the farm and make the unfamiliar a bit more familiar. This book can also help reinforce the experience after a field trip and act as a spring board for more "talk" about the trip! I love the photographs in this book.