Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pick of the Week: Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys by David Shannon (Blue Sky Press, 2008)

This is the kind of book that many parents will appreciate and relate to - especially right after any holiday gift-giving frenzy. Spencer is a boy with - as the title implies - too many toys. He gets toys on birthdays, holidays, at friends' birthday parties, from kids meals, for being brave at the dentist and doctor, and even for the 4th of July! When Spencer's mother demands that he fill a box with toys to give away, David Shannon's color-saturated illustrations aptly depict the panic Spencer feels at this proposition. With every suggested toy to donate, Spencer can easily come up with a reason to keep it. After much debate, mom and son come to an agreement and Spencer finds toys he can live without...that is, all except one - the best toy of all. And what do you think this must-have toy is???

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