Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby, oh baby!

Recommendations from your Youth Services Librarians:

You and Me, Baby by Lynn Reiser & Penny Gentieu (2006)

This is a photographic celebration of babies everywhere. With sweet rhymes depicting the interaction between parent and baby throughout the day ("Mmmm, baby, hug me, huggging you, hugging me, hugging you!"), this book captures the love and joyful play between caregiver and baby. A treat for sharing one on one with the little person in your life.

Baby Brother by Tanneke Wigersma & Nynke Mare Talsma (2005)

In Baby Brother, we meet a young girl writing a letter to her Grandma. She describes the changes she notices in her pregnant pet cat, Stripes - she can't jump high enough to catch butterflies, for instance. Meanwhile, the reader can spot another change in her household. Her pregnant mother's belly is growing bigger on each page and soon the little girl will have more exciting news to share with Grandma. Share this one with children expecting a new sibling.

How to be a Baby, by Me, the Big Sister by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap.

"When you're a baby, you are in a crib and not in school." So begins this new picture book by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap. There are a lot of things a baby can't do, but that a big sister can do. The big sister in this book has written a guide to being a baby from someone who's "been there" before. This big sister hopes instruct her new sibling on the important things in life, so that baby will grow up to be just as amazing as she is! This book reinforces how great it is to be a big sister, even during a time when the newest arrival in the household may be getting a lot of attention. A fun one to share with an older sibling. After all, as big sister says, "When you're a baby, you don't read books. You eat them."


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