Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time for the ABCs

According to research, Letter Knowledge is one of the six important skills that every child needs in order to become a successful reader. Letter knowledge includes learning that letters have names and are different from each other, and that specific sounds go with specific letters.
To help your child with this skill, share books and music about the alphabet. Here are some staff favorites:

This cd presents 36 songs for learning the alphabet as a sing-a-long activity for building reading skills. Title track "Alphabet Jam" kicks off the sing-along fun, followed by at least one catchy song per letter.

Flora McDonnell's ABC by Flora McDonnell (1997).

Flora McDonnell's ABC is a great book for introducing the alphabet with young children. Bright, striking colorful illustrations depict each letter of the alphabet in both upper and lower case. A large and small object or animal illustrates each letter.

SuperHero ABC by Bob McCleod (2006).

This picture book, receiving starred reviews, is perfect for the child who loves superheroes. From A to Z, superheroes practically leap off of the pages in heroic excitement. Check out this book and you'll meet AstroMan who is "Always Alert for An Alien Attack" and "Quiet Knight [who] Keeps Kindergarten Kids safe." This book begs to be read aloud in a booming "announcer" voice.

Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood, illustrated by Bruce Wood (2006).

While on vacation in Alphabet City, Little e and the other lowercase letters repair an old fire truck and come to the rescue when a fire engulfs the letter-making factory. Also try Alphabet Adventure and Alphabet Mystery by the same author.

To extend your alphabet fun, try creating different letters using playdough. Enjoy!

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