Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School

Whew! It sure gets busy at the library during the summer in the Youth Services department. This, of course, is a very good thing! We love seeing kids of all ages browsing the stacks, asking us questions, attending library programs, and participating in the Summer Reading program. Now that school has started again for many children, it's been a bit quieter at the library this week.

For some children in our community, this week and next mark the first days of kindergarten. What a big step for those boys and girls - not to mention the parents. It can be a mixture of excitement, nervousness, joy, and tears for everyone concerned. When my son started school, the kindergarten teacher had to politely nudge the huddle of parents out the door after we all settled our children in, read them books at the rug, and said our long goodbyes. I'm pretty sure many of us would have loved to stay the whole morning - that first school separation can be just as hard on parents! One book that touches on this transition in a humorous way is Ann Redisch Stampler's Go Home, Mrs. Beekman!, illustrated by Marsha Gray Carrington.
Go Home, Mrs. Beekman! by Ann Redisch Stampler, illustrated by Marsha Gray Carrington (Dutton's Children's Books, 2008)

Young Emily is so nervous about starting school that she makes her mother promise to stay with her forever. But after Emily makes friends and adjusts to school, she has to work with her teacher to try to convince Mrs. Beekman to stay at home.

Happy Back to School Days! How did the transition go for you?

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