Monday, March 19, 2012

Picks of the Week: Je t'aime Paris!

Maybe it's because my supervisor is currently vacationing in France (Jealous? Who? Me?) that this week my picks are devoted to the grand city of Paris, picture book-style.

Kiki & Coco in Paris by photographer Stephanie Rausser (Cameron + Company, 2011)
The work of the outstanding photographer Stephanie Rausser and doll maker Jess Brown is combined in this journey of a little girl, Kiki, and her doll, Coco, to the city of Paris, France, written by Nina Gruener. My first thought as I read this book was - What an amazing experience for that little girl! And then a moment later - I want to be the parent who vacations to Paris with their young child! Alas, I'm currently sitting in front of a computer in a windowless office in a (fantastic!) library in a small city in Oregon - not out roaming the streets and museums of Paris with my child. C'est la vie. But I sure can enjoy the view in Kiki & Coco in Paris. You might also like this slideshow here.

Henri's Walk to Paris by Leonore Klein, illustrated by Saul Bass (Universe, 2012)
We've been enjoying this one at my house lately. As noted in The New York Times ~ "No question, this is the kind of children’s book that arty parents like to display in their Dwell-decorated nurseries. But it’s also the kind of book that will stir a wandering spirit in imaginative children. Klein’s delightful text, like Bass’s bold graphics, is spot on." 

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