Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pick of the Week: Ian's New Potty

Ian's New Potty by Pauline Oud (Clavis Pub., 2011)
Potty training books are always in demand here at the library. What I love about this new one from Pauline Oud is that it's so realistic. [Of course, having said that, I don't mean to insinuate that toilet training is always complete and successful after the second try as is depicted here. But, rather, the child's interest in the process and experience with negotiating the new skill is pretty accurate.] Ian's first attempt at using his new red potty doesn't go as he'd hoped and then he has an accident before real success comes. Everything is handled in a positive, gentle, and informative manner. The illustrations are great - big, colorful and cheery - and would work well for sharing with a crowd or one-on-one. Do you have a potty training book for children that you recommend to other parents?

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