Monday, August 8, 2011

Pick of the Week: The Art Collector

Before I became a librarian, I got my undergraduate degree in art history. My love of books and working with children led me to pursue a career in librarianship instead of art history, but art will always remain a big part of my life. So my interest is always piqued when I see new picture books about art for young children.

The Art Collector by Jan Wahl, illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet
When Oscar is very young, he sees his great-granny at work creating art and decides that he wants to create something too. His great-granny encourages him, but none of his efforts live up to his expectations. However, he finds a new way to appreciate art after he makes his first art purchase at a flea market. He frames and hangs up an etching in his room, which is the first piece in what will become a large and diverse collection of art. As Oscar grows, so does his collection and eventually, as a grown up, his art collection is so admired and so extensive that a museum is built to house his treasures! Rosalinde Bonnet's illustrations are wonderful and depict a variety of artistic styles and movements. This is a delightful book to share with budding artists or those - like myself - who have a great appreciation for art that far outstretches their own artistic talent! It just may inspire a future art collector to start their own collection today.

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