Monday, November 22, 2010

Gratitude & Thankfulness

This month many families are giving thanks. What are you and your children thankful for this year? How do you give thanks in your family? How do you teach gratitude? What kind of traditions do you share? Zero To Three offers families tips on raising a thankful child here

The Thanksgiving Bowl by Virginia Kroll

Each member of a family writes an anonymous "I'm thankful for" note and places it in the Thanksgiving bowl, but after the family guesses who wrote each note, the bowl is accidentally left outside, where it rolls off on a year-long series of adventures.

Thank You for Me! by Marion Dane Bauer

Rhythmic text enumerates what various body parts can do, including hands to clap and a body to twirl, then expresses thanks for each of those parts--and for the whole.

The Secret of Saying Thanks by Douglas Wood

While learning the secret to a good life, a child says thank you for the natural world and for being loved, because a grateful heart is always happy.

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