Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pick of the Week: Elmer's Special Day

Elmer's Special Day by David McKee

Elmer the patchwork elephant is back in a new book by David McKee. Each year, the animals in the jungle celebrate Elmer's Day. On Elmer's Day, all of the elephants decorate themselves to celebrate their unique friend, Elmer, and celebrate with an exciting, noisy parade. It's also the one day of the year that Elmer paints himself gray, like an ordinary elephant. This year, the elephants are making such a ruckas preparing for the parade, that the other animals in the jungle begin to complain. Elmer comes up with a plan to include other jungle creatures in Elmer's Day and soon everyone is having a grand time! David McKee paints the jungle as a beautiful, vibrant, and colorful place. It's a pleasant book about acceptance, inclusion, and celebration within a community.

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