Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Picture Books to Check Out

It's easy to count three of something--just add them up. But how do you count zero, a number that is best defined by what it's not?

Presents a linked collection of ten short stories in rhyme featuring frogs, toads, and polliwogs.

Shows the many different ways a princess can be an incredible girl.
With a sparkly cover and large brightly colored pages illustrating the variety of ways a princess can be, what's not to like?

When Archie the monkey finds himself on a strange island, he makes a multitude of new friends who help him defend their home from intruding pirates.

Felix does not like his new baby sister and thinks his parents should take her back, until a trip to the zoo makes him realize that she might not be as bad as he thought.

As his affectionate parents nourish and protect him, a plucky young puffin impatiently waits--but not without some reservations--for the day when he is "strong enough and tall enough and brave enough" to leave his nest on the rocky cliff-face and waddle off to the sea.

Shoba and her pet monkey, Fuzzy Patel, set out overnight by flying bed to attend Fuzzy's cousin's wonderful wedding in Mumbai, India.

Although he is shorter than most of his classmates and everyone discourages him from trying out for the basketball team, eight-year-old Chris Paul, future NBA All-Star, just works harder than everyone else so his size will not matter.

Snack is a very happy puppy when Mrs. Portly adopts him but when persnickety Mr. Portly returns from a fishing trip, he banishes Snack to a doghouse until their mutual love of art, and a thief, bring them together.

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Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

I like the look of Puffling - we've been lucky enough to see Puffins a couple of times when we've been to Orkney, and they are such beautiful, funny birds.