Sunday, December 20, 2009

Community Parenting Ed Opportunity

A Peer to Peer Parenting Group…

Collaborative Problem Solving:
The Explosive Child Book Club
A weekly group for parents and other caregivers of
children with challenging behaviors:

Understanding Our Children Better
(reading the book, The Explosive Child, is not required, but recommended)

What past participants have to say:
“My home life is so much better! We have 80-90% less yelling.”
“I went to get help for my grandson - it helps with my adult daughter, too!”
“I was expecting it to be a bunch of bunk – and now I am a CPS disciple!”
“I do not read well. I would never read that book. I learned enough in group to help my family - and I still [have] not read the book.”

Free dinner, Childcare and Youth Activities Available

Location: Old Mill Center
4515 Southwest Country Club Drive, Corvallis

Starts Monday January 11 for 10 weeks, excluding February 15th
Time: 5.30 – 7.30pm
Register with Hilary Harrison at 541 740 6306 by January 5th

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