Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pick of the Week: The Sounds Around Town

The Sounds Around Town by Maria Carluccio (Barefoot Books, 2008)

The day has just begun for a baby and his mother, but already the world is full of sounds! Each page contains beautiful cut paper/collage illustrations and simple rhyming text ("There's a chill outside; Mommy puts on my cap. She closes my jacket, snap, snap, snap.") depicting the day's activities. Included in the images is additional sounds the little boy can hear in each scene: "whoosh! flitter, flutter, woof, woof!, purr, purr, snap, snap". Children will enjoy the variety of sounds, and it is a gentle reminder of how interesting and full the day becomes when one pays attention to the sounds around him. Focusing on the sounds and rhymes on each page also helps build a child's phonological awareness. The next time you take a walk, make it a point to listen to the variety of sounds you and your child can hear!

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