Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Building" a Reader

Construction is a perrenial favorite topic of preschoolers, especially boys. A new book by Maxwell Newhouse, The House That Max Built, is a lushly illustrated non-fiction book on the topic with just the right amount of information for young minds. This story depicts how a house is built, step-by-step with color saturated paintings and a glossary of construction terms for the very young. Pair this with Building a House by Byron Barton and A Day in the Life of a Builder by Linda Hayward for sharing with little builders.

Building a House by Byron Barton

One of Byron Barton's best books for little ones! Clear, colorful, bold illustrations and simple text depict the building of a house on a hill for a small family. A great beginning book on the subject.

A Day in the Life of a Builder (Dorling Kindersley Readers, Level 1) by Linda Hayward

Jack Dale is building five new houses. One is for the Wilson family. Will the Wilsons like their new house? This unique Level 1 series accurately portrays real-life situations that help young children identify with and learn from while helping them improve their reading skills. (summary from Syndetics Solutions, LLC)

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