Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby on the Way: New Books for Older Siblings

Fine As We Are by Algy Craig Hall (Boxer Books)

Little Frog was living happily with his mom on the pond--just the two of them. Then some strange things began to happen: blobs of black spots appeared in the water, which grew squiggly tails and started swimming. Before too long it's very clear: mom has a multitude of new frog babies. How will Little Frog ever cope? Can he be a good big brother?

Author Algy Craig Hall knows a little bit about how Little Frog might have felt with the arrival of numerous new babies. He is the older brother of quadruplets!

Little Rabbit's New Baby by Harry Horse (Peachtree Publishers - U.S. edition, 2008)

Little Rabbit has looked forward to becoming a big brother, but when Mama brings home triplets, he quickly realizes that babies are not as much fun as he thought they would be.

Of course, there's a very happy ending in store for Little Rabbit and the new babies! Harry Horse's illustrations are quite sweet.

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