Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Books to Help with Biting

As many parents know, sometimes unpleasant habits - like biting - develop in young children. Here are a few books that address this issue in a variety of situations (whether biting nails or biting others) for babies through school-aged children:

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit by Jan and Stan Berenstain (1986)

With the help of her family, Sister Bear breaks her habit of biting her nails.

Bootsie Barker Bites by Barbara Bottner (1992)

Bootsie Barker only wants to play games in which she bites, until one day her friend comes up with a better game.

No Biting! by Karen Katz (2002)

A refreshingly honest and funny book offers flaps to lift to show toddlers that there is a better way to act out their frustration than to bite.

No Biting, Louise by Margie Palatini (2007)

At the urging of her family, Louise, a young alligator, tries hard to kick her biting habit.

No Fighting, No Biting! by Else Holmelund Minark (1958)

Sometimes Rosa and Willy behave like the two little alligators in the stories Cousin Joan tells them.

Teeth Are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdick (2003, Board Book)

"Crunch crunch crunch. Teeth are strong and sharp. Crunch crunch crunch. Teeth can help you chew. But teeth are not for biting. Ouch! Biting hurts." Sooner or later, almost all young children will bite someone—a friend, a parent, a sibling. This upbeat, colorful, virtually indestructible book helps prevent biting and teaches positive alternatives. " - from

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