Sunday, April 27, 2008

Children's Music at your library

Looking for recommended children's music to check out? Take a look at our Children's Music web page dedicated to providing staff recommendations, a featured children's musician of the month, music selections sampled in storytimes, and recommended websites for children's music reviews.

My favorite new selection for children is They Might Be Giant's "Here Come the 123s" released by Disney Sound (2008). If you have previously listened to They Might Be Giant's earlier release "Here Come the ABCs", this is a similar, fun musical take on numbers. My personal favorites include "Triops Has Three Eyes" and "High Five!" (the latter being a funky disco tribute to the number 5). This new release also contains a DVD full of animated music videos. In addition to the number-themed songs, the discs also feature "Hot Dog!" the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.

We'd also love to hear from you. Do you have favorite children's albums that you recommend to friends and family? Send us an email or leave a comment on our blog. We'd be happy to feature your recommendations on our web page.

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Judy Pancoast said...

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Judy Pancoast