Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What Can You Do With a Box?

As many a parent knows, the box that the toy came in is often the source of more fascination, play, and fun for the child than the toy itself. As a small child, I remember constructing everything from trains to puppet stages to dollhouses with boxes in my house. One of the most treasured play structures at my preschool was a rocket ship constructed from an old refrigerator box and a generous application of paint and aluminum foil stars.

Here are some staff recommendations for books about boxes!

Creating Clever Castles & Cars from Boxes and Other Stuff by Mari Rutz Mitchell

"Kids ages 3 to 8 make their own pretend play spaces."

Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

"To an imaginative bunny, a box is not always just a box."

My Book Box by Will Hillenbrand

"A determined elephant creates his own book box and discovers all the magic and fun of books and reading."

Thank You Bear by Greg Foley

"Despite the criticism of others, a bear finds the perfect gift for his mouse friend."

The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli

"An imaginative young child has a wonderful time playing with a box he receives for his birthday."

The Big Brown Box by Marisabina Russo

"As he plays in a very large box in his room and turns it into a house, then a cave, then a boat, Sam is reluctant to let his little brother Ben join him, but then he finds the perfect way for them to share."

A Box Can Be Many Things by Dana Meachen Rau

"A girl and her brother retrieve a large box from the garbage and pretend that it is a cave, car, house, and cage."

La Cajita por Marta Vicente

"Un perrito encuentra una caja bonita e imagina qué podría ser."

Use your imagination and the possibilities are limitless!


Anonymous said...

Roxaboxen was like the original picture book about what kids can do with boxes. I wonder if the library still has a copy?
Great boxes can be had at stover, Evey, & Jackson - the local appliance store on Western.

Kristin said...

The library does still own a copy:
Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran and illustrated by Barbara Cooney. Call #: E KIT MCLERRAN, ALICE text +CD. There is a copy in Corvallis and in Monroe. Great book!

Thanks for the comment!