Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pick of the Week & Crafting with Kids

I never thought I'd be a crafty mom or a crafty librarian, for that matter. I wasn't into crafts growing up. But something changed as I got older, and I started creating things. And guess what? I discovered that I love it! I certainly don't have the time to finish - or even start - many of the projects I'd like to, but I love finding inspiration (hello, Pinterest!). The blogging world is full of ideas for creating with children. Recently, I discovered Hand in Hand: 20 Top Bloggers Craft with Kids, compiled by Jenny Doh at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library. It's my pick for Staff Picks this month.

If you're a crafty parent - or the parent of a crafty child - you might be interested in this week's Pick of the Week:

Create with Maisy: a Maisy First Arts-and-Crafts Book by Lucy Cousins (Candlewick Press, 2012)
Fun ideas for young children to create (with the help of an adult), like making a box house for Panda, vegetable printing, paper lanterns, vegetable characters, a sparkly crown for King Eddie, and more!

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