Monday, December 3, 2007

Picks of the Week

This week I'm including my recommendations (new and old) for both children and the adults in their lives.

Penguin by Polly Dunbar (Candlewick, 2007)

Ben is delighted to receive a penguin for his birthday but Penguin will not answer or respond to him in any way, no matter what Ben does, until, at last, they discover the language of friendship.

Great illustrations, simple text, and a wonderful ode to friendship between a child and his play animals.

Bright From the Start by Jill Stamm, Ph.D. (Gotham Books, 2007)

This cutting-edge handbook for parents--from a pioneer in infant brain development--bridges the gap between the most current neuroscience and practical parenting techniques.

Topics included range from screen time to attachment and bonding to music to reading.

Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg, with illustrations by Jose Aruego & Ariane Dewey (MacMillan Pub., 1974)

This is a classic story for rainy, blustery days like today.

How can an ant, butterfly, mouse, sparrow, and rabbit all take shelter from the rain under the same mushroom when originally there was room only for the ant?

The Little Hands Art Book: Exploring Arts and crafts with 2-to-6-Year-Olds by Judy Press (Williamson Pub, 1994)

Need rainy day ideas for young children? Try this book!
The perfect introductory art book for little hands with lots to express! Individual artistic freedom abounds as children create unique works. The author has an uncanny understanding of how to inspire preschoolers' creative spirits.

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