Friday, July 13, 2007

Something Extra With the Book

In the last few years the library has seen more and more children's picture books arriving with a CD. Many of these books feature familiar singers such as Elvis Presley, Naomi Judd, Billy Joel and Pete Seeger. One of my favorite recording artists is John Lithgow reciting and singing Marsupial Sue and Carnival of the Animals. A title not to be overlooked is Yellow Umbrella by Jae Liu. This wordless picture book has wonderful illustrations and lively music. Look for some of these books at your local library.

Bremen Town Musicians

Written and Illustrated by David Johnson

A Chance to Shine

Written by Steve Seskin

Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie

Creepy Crawly Calypso

Written by Tony Langham

Illustrated by Debbie Harter

Daddy's Girl

Written by Garrison Keillor

Illustrated by Robin Glasser

Dog's Rule

Written and Illustrated by Daniel Kirk

Everything Grows

Written by Raffi

Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

Goodnight My Angel: A Lullaby

Written by Billy Joel

Illustrated by Yvonne Gilbert

Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks

Written by John Bucchino

Illustrated by Anna Liisa Hakkarainen

Guardian Angels

Written by Naomi Judd

Illustrated by Dan Andreasen

Hello, Hello

Written by Dan Zanes

Illustrated by Donald Saaf

Love Me Tender

Written by Elvis Presley

Illustrated by Tom Browning

Marsupial Sue

Written by John Lithgow

Illustrated by Jack Davis

Peter and the Wolf

Composed by Prokofiev

Illustrations by Peter Malone

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Written by Pete Seeger

Illustrated by Wendy Halperin

We All Sing With the Same Voice

Written by Phillip Miller

Illustrated by Paul Meisel

We All Go Traveling By

Written by Sheena Roberts

Illustrated by Siobhan Bell

Yellow Umbrella

Written by Jae Liu

Illustrated by Sandra Speidel

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